#WHEREDAWAIFU? @LUMI_CON 10/26 - 10/28


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Welcome to my page


Hajimemashite, my name is WHEREDAWAIFU and I am OTAKU. 


Through my brand WAIFUWEAR, I seek to answer one very important question: "WHERE DA WAIFU?" 

It's the question that directs this site and generates the content it provides. From blogs documenting my adventures into anime conventions across the U.S. to personal interviews with your favorite artists, cosplayers, and creatives; I want you to enjoy nothing but the finest of #waifumaterial.


Join the movement. Keep the faith. #ALLWAIFUEVERYTHING or NOTHING because without WAIFU, there is no OTAKU. This is de way, 


("Suiyobi" by @amandarias)